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Oil Drilling in Los Angeles Basin - Beverly Hills Oil Field - California

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Oil in Beverly Hills? Can you believe it? Yes, there is oil being drilled in the Beverly Hills area and around Los Angles.  Oil drilling rigs are all over the place.  You may not see them though as most of them are hidden in malls and houses.  There is actually an Oil Well at Beverly Hills High School in which it is hidden by Floral Decorations.  Beverly Hills is the most prolific oil region in Los Angeles.  The Los Angeles oil basin pumps out over a million barrels of oil per year which helps put California as the 4th largest producer of crude oil in the USA, next to states like Louisiana, Texas, and Alaska.  California is said to be sitting on 3 billion barrels of oil.  It's an Oil Rush!  While this is not new to residents, many visitors have no idea there are oil wells in Beverly Hills area.
Labelled the most dense producing oil region in the world, oil was first discovered in the Los Angeles Basin around 130 years ago.  The Beverly Hills Oil Basin is roughly 1,200 acres in size with 97 active wells being operated in 2007.  However, oil drilling in Beverly Hills has created a problem.  One location has drawn a civic suit by 12 former high school students of Beverly Hills High School.  These students claim that oil being pumped from wells underneath the athletic fields have caused certain types of cancer.  The suit was thrown out in 2006 and the appeal decision will come in 2009.
With Oil prices are skyrocketing by demand from China and India, experts say that in five years the world could be using 95 million barrels of Oil per day.  This would cause Oil prices to skyrocket unless we do something about it or simply change our habits.  One solution is to open up Alaskas ANWAR or allow more drilling at the Green River Basin in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.

Wilmington Oil Field: Third Largest Oil Field in the 48 States region of the USA. The Wilmington Oil Field is 13 miles long and 3 miles wide.  This oil field extends through Long Beach, California and runs north of Wilmington, California.  The Long Beach Unit (LBU) of the Wilmington field is being produced from four islands constructed in the harbor area. Since 1965, 800 million barrels of oil have been produced from the LBU, an estimated one billion barrels is still in place and remains to be recovered.  Companies pump the oil out of the ground using, in some cases, horizontal drilling.

Plains Exploration PXP - In California, PXP has 3 drilling rigs operating onshore where PXP continues its multi-year development program in the Los Angeles and San Joaquin Basins. Year-to-date drilling results are in-line with expectations, sales volumes are consistently strong and the large operating margin is improving due to higher liquid price realizations. Third-quarter daily sales volumes onshore and offshore averaged 39,700 BOE per day net to PXP and are expected to be above 40,000 BOE net per day by year-end 2011.

Wilmington Oil Field - Los Angeles Oil Field Map
Source: Wikipedia

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