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Haynesville Shale Formation - Company Stocks Involved in Drilling and/or Acreage- Shreveport Shale

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If you've been following the Haynesville Shale Story, you've probably noticed that the stocks of the companies involved exploded to the upside when Natural Gas prices were soaring through the roof in 2008.  Most companies that were very active in the Haynesville Shale saw their stock prices double and triple in price.  The recent decline in the stock market popped the bubble in energy prices.  This provides a great buying opportunity for the companies below.  In a few years, you might see these stocks double or triple again if natural gas prices move higher.  I not only produce the The Stock Gainers List every day I watch it closely.  Below is a list of public companies that are drilling in the haynesville shale.

Chesapeake Energy - CHK  - Haynesville and Bossier shales (Northwest Louisiana, East Texas): Chesapeake is the largest leasehold owner, largest producer and most active driller of new wells in the Haynesville Shale play in Northwest Louisiana and East Texas.  Chesapeake owns approximately 530,000 net acres of leasehold in the Haynesville Shale play, under which approximately 195,000 net acres is prospective for the Bossier Shale.  On its Haynesville and Bossier leasehold, Chesapeake estimates it has approximately 2.9 tcfe of proved reserves (based on the 10-year average NYMEX strip prices at June 30, 2010) and 23.7 tcfe of risked unproved resources.

The company has drilled and completed 252 gross Chesapeake-operated horizontal wells in the Haynesville and Bossier since discovering the play in 2007.  During the 2010 second quarter, Chesapeake’s average daily net production of 560 mmcfe in the Haynesville increased approximately 30% over the 2010 first quarter and approximately 315% over the 2009 second quarter.  The company’s average daily net production rate in the Haynesville in July 2010 was approximately 615 mmcfe.  The company is currently drilling with 35 operated rigs in the Haynesville and anticipates operating an average of approximately 36 rigs in 2010 to drill approximately 175 net wells.  The company anticipates having the vast majority of its Haynesville Shale leasehold held by production (HBP) by year-end 2011 and as such will have greater drilling flexibility in the years ahead.

Three notable recent wells completed by Chesapeake in the Haynesville are as follows:

  • The Sloan H-1 in DeSoto Parish, LA achieved a peak 24-hour rate of 22.2 mmcf per day;
  • The Brasch Family H-1 in DeSoto Parish, LA achieved a peak 24-hour rate of 22.0 mmcf per day; and
  • The Wren H-1 in DeSoto Parish, LA achieved a peak 24-hour rate of 21.6 mmcf per day.      More.........

Goodrich Petroleum - GDP - Haynesville Shale - Shelby Trough - The Company has drilled and logged its SW Henderson 1H (100% WI) well in Angelina County, Texas, with an estimated 215 feet of Haynesville Shale and 200 feet of Bossier Shale prospective in the well. The Company is currently drilling the lateral and is anticipating completing the well in early September.

The Company has also drilled and logged its R Dean 1H (80% WI) well in Shelby County, Texas, with an estimated 126 feet of Haynesville Shale and 188 feet of Bossier Shale prospective. The Company has reached total depth on the lateral in the Haynesville Shale and is currently moving the rig to drill its R Dean 2H (80% WI), which it anticipates will be its initial Bossier Shale completion.

Greenwood Waskom/Metcalf Fields, Caddo Parish, Louisiana. The Company, as operator, has also successfully drilled and completed the Wayne Bryan 3H-1 (78% WI), its second Haynesville Shale well in the Greenwood Waskom/Metcalf Field area, with an initial production rate of 17,000 Mcfe per day on a 22/64 inch choke with 7,500 psi. The Company is currently completing its Wayne Bryan 4H-1 (74% WI), with results expected in the second quarter.  Goodrich is also very active in the Cotton Valley Shale. More.........

PetroHawk Energy - HK - Haynesville Shale - Petrohawk began the third quarter with 16 operated rigs running in the play, and is currently running 12 operated rigs, a level it expects to maintain through the end of 2010. Twenty nine operated wells and 73 non-operated wells were drilled during third quarter.

Drilling costs continue to trend down due to increased drilling efficiencies; however, completion costs are trending higher due to inflation in pressure pumping services. The third quarter saw a significant decrease in spud-to spud days, down from 52 days in second quarter to 47 days in third quarter. As further example of this trend, there were 6 wells drilled in less than 40 days, with one of those wells drilled in 30 days spud to spud. A direct result of the increased drilling efficiency is the number of wells drilled. The Company drilled 29 operated wells during the quarter, its highest number of wells ever drilled in one quarter. While this is excellent progress for the long term development of the field and Petrohawk's lease capture program, it has put additional pressure on the 2010 budget.

Petrohawk completed its first well in the Lower Bossier Shale, the Whitney Corp. 19H #1, during the third quarter. The well had an initial production rate on a restricted rate of 7.6 Mmcf/d on a 14/64" choke with 8,300 lbs. of flowing casing pressure. The well is comparable in quality to Haynesville wells that have been produced using restricted rate production practices. Petrohawk will drill a limited number of Lower Bossier Shale wells until the Haynesville Shale lease capture effort is complete, with plans to drill approximately 25% of all wells in the field in the Lower Bossier Shale beginning in 2013.

As mentioned above, Petrohawk's first well incorporating a modified well design, engineered to require lower pressure pumping equipment and decrease overall completion costs, was completed during third quarter. The Mendenhall 10H #1 was successfully completed at a rate of 8.4 Mmcfe/d on a 14/64" choke with 8,320 lbs. flowing casing pressure, with treating pressures that were in line with pre-frac expectations. The Company plans to continue to incorporate and refine this well design with between 15 and 20 similar wells scheduled to be drilled through the remainder of 2010. This reduction in overall hydraulic horsepower requirements needed to fracture stimulate wells drilled using this wellbore design, along with an increase in the number of pressure pumping companies capable of pumping these fracs, could be effective in lowering pressure pumping costs in 2011.  More.........

Devon Energy DVN -  Devon completed three Haynesville Shale wells within Shelby and Nacogdoches counties in the first quarter. Initial 24-hour production rates for the three horizontal wells averaged six million cubic feet of gas equivalent. Devon has a 100 percent working interest in the wells.    More.........

XTO Energy- XTO - XTO Energy recently made an acquisition of Hunt Petroleum which will bring XTO energy into the Haynesville Shale formation play.  With this Hunt Petroleum buyout, XTO will gain acreage positions in East Texas, North & Central Louisiana Haynesville Shale areas.  The deal is supposed to close September 2008.  Going into this deal, we have identified hundreds of locations to expand recovery and access the multi-pay targets – including the Pettit, Rodessa, Travis Peak, Cotton Valley and Bossier formations.” XTO Energy now has 100,000 Haynesville Shale Acres.  XTO wants to pick up additional acreage and drill 3-4 horizontal wells by the end of the year.  XTO 2009 Update: We drilled first Haynesville shale well in western Panola County, the New Horizon's number one that came in at 8.5 million a day, that is not an IP, that well averaged over 8 million a day for the first 15 days.  If we go from that to Stockman Fields in Shelby County, we drilled our first Haynesville lime wells, before other companies talked about this area it came in at 10 million a day. We have pretty extensive acreage position down there for development as well. And then we brought in two James Lime horizontal wells at around 5 million a day in that same Shelby County area, so we're pretty excited about that stuff  More.........

Exxon Mobile XOM - During the quarter, Exxon Mobil finalized a merger agreement with Ellora Energy. This acquisition has increased our position in the attractive Haynesville Bossier plays by 46,000 acres and added current production and pipeline capacity. In addition, our gas marketing team is working with XTO to optimize shipping, processing and marketing activities across our United States portfolio. We are also capturing reverse integration benefits in legacy Exxon Mobil operations both in the United States and overseas.
Forest Oil Company - FST - East Texas, North Louisiana - Haynesville / Bossier Shale - Forest drilled and completed three wells in the third quarter of 2010. In order to optimize recovery from Haynesville / Bossier Shale wells, Forest has adopted a restricted flow rate production program. With this operating strategy, initial production rates from the last three wells were curtailed at 11 to 13 MMcfe/d. Results have shown that cumulative production from the restricted-rate wells has exceeded the cumulative production from comparable unrestricted wells after approximately 90 days. Further, early indications support expectations that estimated ultimate recoveries for restricted-rate wells should exceed recoveries for less restricted wells.

The Company does not plan to operate any rigs in the play for the remainder of the year. All of Forest's leasehold in Red River Parish, Louisiana was converted to held by production status in the third quarter of 2010. Forest Oil is also active in the Cotton Valley Formation.  More.........

Exco Resources - XCO - The Haynesville shale gas play is one of the most active natural gas plays in the United States. Haynesville shale - We spud 28 operated wells during the quarter with an average fleet of 18 drilling rigs and completed 23 operated wells in the quarter. Our development success in DeSoto Parish continues and our Shelby area delivered encouraging results in the quarter with one well in our core acreage position having an IP in excess of 20 Mmcf/d in eastern Nacogdoches County, TX. We also participated in a noteworthy non-operated Haynesville horizontal well located in a deeper area of the Haynesville shale play in Nacogdoches County, TX. The well realized an IP rate in excess of 35 Mmcf/d and continues to perform well. We are currently running 21 operated horizontal drilling rigs in the play and plan to exit 2010 with 22 operated horizontal drilling rigs. We plan to spud approximately 126 operated horizontal wells in 2010. Since late 2008, we have spud over 140 operated horizontal wells and produced over 155 Bcf of gross natural gas to sales. Our overall average well in the DeSoto core area yields an initial production (IP) rate of approximately 22 Mmcf per day. We are testing and evaluating adjustments to our restricted choke program to determine the optimal production profile.


During the third quarter 2010, our drilling time in North Louisiana averaged 43 days from spud to rig release, and our best spud to rig release time in the quarter was 28 days. This average includes drilling of both directional and non-directional intermediate hole sections. Our drilling time improvements have been achieved by focusing on bit selection and downhole motor design. -  XCO is active in the Cotton Valley Field.   More.........

Cabot Oil & Gas - The Company recently finished its second operated Haynesville Shale well that was completed with a 16-stage frac, on a 4,925' lateral. The well produced at a max rate of 20.5 Mmcf per day and at a restricted 24-hour rate of 15.5 Mmcf per day. In addition to this well, the Company has three completions occurring in the area at this time, with six additional Haynesville/Bossier wells drilling or waiting on completion. "Information from Cabot's wells and numerous industry wells around County Line indicates the Haynesville shale is a prolific productive zone in this area," said Dinges. "With this latest result and expectations for the new completions, Cabot's Haynesville production has the potential to increase significantly during the second half of the year. Adding to this potential is our first Bossier test which, based on recent prolific nearby industry wells, creates more excitement."
Cotton Valley Formation - Additionally in Texas, the Company completed its third horizontal Cotton Valley Taylor Sand well with the best result to date. This well flowed at an initial production rate of 11.1 Mmcf per day with pressure at 2,425 psi. "The estimated recovery of our recent wells in this area ranges between six to seven Bcfe," commented Dinges.

Berry Petroleum - BRY - We plan to run one rig during 2009 and will drill approximately five vertical wells in the Oakes field during the year and plan to begin drilling horizontal wells in the Haynesville Shale Darco field in the third quarter of 2009.
Encana- ECA - Encana ECA recently announced that they have established acreage positions in the Haynesville Shale.  The Deep Bossier continues to be a leading near-term driver of EnCana's future production growth in East Texas.  We strengthened our position in the  Haynesville gas resource play by acquiring 25,000 net acres, increasing our land position to about 400,000 net acres, plus 63,000 net acres of mineral rights. We currently have six rigs running with a focus on cost reduction and completion  optimization. We will target drilling and completing the first well in the mid-Bossier shale in the fourth quarter The Haynesville Shale is a very exciting emerging play with a potential to rival the quality and scope of the Barnett shale play. With the few number of wells that were drilled in the Haynesville so far, we've seen, and some of our competitors or industry competitors, have seen initial production rates which are in the order of twice that of the ... some of the best wells ever drilled in the Barnett Shale play.  More.........

2010 Update: In the first nine months of this year we drilled 73 net wells in the Haynesville, the vast majority of which were driven by our land retention strategy. 

At the end of the third quarter, we have 20 net wells waiting on completions and we forecast that this inventory will grow to 35 net wells by year end. EnCana is not willing to accept current return expectations of some completion service companies and as Randy mentioned we are working on solutions to mitigate cost escalation and equipment shortages but this will affect our pace of development and until additional capacity becomes available.

We have chosen to reduce our plant drilling program from 110 net wells to 90 net wells for 2010. Despite the completion equipment shortage resolved from Haynesville are solid, with our third quarter production averaging 335 million cubic feet equivalent per day are greater than 300% increase over last year.

For 2010, we expect average 290 million cubic feet equivalent per day in the Haynesville shale. In certain core areas, we continue to see tight curve improvements and better performance than forecast at year end 2009. These areas will be the focus of future gas factory development. EnCana is advancing its industry leading gas factory development approach in Haynesville shale with three current gas factory operations. Here we can drill all the wells from a single location.

EOG Resources - EOG -  In the Haynesville, EOG drilled two wells that may be among the industry's most prolific to date in the entire play. Due to pipeline constraints, the 30-day average restricted flow rates from the Crane #26-1H and Murray #1H were 27 and 25 MMcfd of natural gas at 7,800 and 8,100 psi flowing pressure, respectively. The wells had initial production rates of 32 and 30 MMcfd at 9,700 and 9,200 psi flowing pressure, respectively. EOG has 96 percent working interest in these Texas core area wells. Extending the boundary of the sweet spot further east into San Augustine County, Texas, the Walters #1H was completed with a restricted initial production rate of 21 MMcfd of natural gas. EOG has 49 percent working interest in this well. EOG confirmed success from the Bossier Formation in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana with the Red River 5#3H. EOG has a 100 percent working interest in the well, which began production at over 15 MMcfd of natural gas.

Penn Virginia PVA - Haynesville Shale – During the third quarter of 2010, we completed four (3.8 net) Haynesville Shale wells having IP rates ranging between 7.6 and 10.2 MMcfe per day, excluding one (0.8 net) well that had a casing failure as previously reported. Thirty-day IP rates for the three successful wells ranged between 5.3 and 8.7 MMcfe per day. We continue to see improvements in the performance of the wells drilled in 2010 and believe this improvement is attributable to an increased number of frac stages, as well as higher back-pressures being held on the newer wells. As discussed above, despite these promising results and production growth from this play, we have decided to defer drilling in the Haynesville Shale until there is a meaningful recovery in natural gas prices.


Cotton Valley – During the third quarter of 2010, we completed three (2.9 net) horizontal Cotton Valley wells having IP rates ranging between 2.5 and 4.1 MMcfe per day and thirty-day IP rates which averaged 2.9 MMcfe per day. We are encouraged with the results to date considering oil volumes are high on some wells and initial decline rates are less than anticipated. As with the Haynesville Shale, drilling in the Cotton Valley will be deferred until there is a meaningful recovery in natural gas prices.

GMX Resources - GMXR - As previously announced, the Company completed two Haynesville/Bossier horizontal wells ("H/B Hz") in the first quarter. The Company successfully completed the Mia Austin #1H H/B Hz with a 14.1 million cubic feet of gas per day ("MMCF/D") initial production ("IP") rate. The well has a 4,600 foot lateral, with 12 frac stages and was flowing on a 20/64 choke with 5,492 pounds of Flowing Casing Pressure ("FCP") into a sales line with 850 pounds of Line Pressure ("LP"). Additionally, the Company successfully completed the Verhalen E #1H with an 8.3 MMCF/D IP rate. This well has a 4,300 foot lateral, with 12 frac stages and was flowing on an 18/64 choke with 3,870 pounds FCP into a sales line with 640 pounds of LP. These wells were the last two using 4 1/2" casing. All future H/B Hz wells will use 5 1/2" casing.

Two additional wells were rescheduled from Q1 to early Q2 and have been successfully completed. The Bosh #19H H/B Hz was tested with a 10.1 MMCF/D IP rate. The well was drilled with a 4,153 foot lateral, and stimulated with 12 frac stages, however during the process of drilling out the plugs an obstruction prevented the last 6 of 12 frac stages from being accessed. After several attempts the Company made a decision to cease current efforts to drill out the remaining plugs and produce the well from approximately 6 of the 12 frac stages across 2,174 feet of the open lateral. The well test was over 24 hours on a 14/64 choke with 4,526 pounds of FCP into a sales line with 590 pounds of LP. Also originally scheduled for Q1 and rescheduled to Q2 was the Verhalen D #3H H/B Hz which tested with an 11.1 MMCF/D IP rate. The well was drilled with a 4,900 foot lateral and stimulated with 11 frac stages. The well test was over 24 hours on a 22/64 choke with 5,200 pounds of FCP into a sales line with 627 pounds of LP.

Scheduled for completion in Q2 and previously announced was the Blocker Heirs #20H H/B Hz with a 14.4 MMCF/D IP rate. The well was drilled with a 4,450 foot lateral and stimulated with 11 frac stages. The well test was over 24 hours on a 20/64 choke with 5,890 pounds of FCP into a sales line with 975 pounds of LP. The Verhalen E #6H H/B Hz has also been completed in Q2 and had an IP rate of 11.1 MMCF/D. This well was drilled with a 4,500 foot lateral and stimulated with 10 frac stages. The well test was over 24 hours on a 20/64 choke with 5,283 pounds of FCP into a sales line with 635 pounds of LP. .   More.........

Anadarko Petroleum  APC -   Anadarko has more than 80,000 net acres in the prospective fairway of the Haynesville Shale, the majority held by production underneath our producing fields in the Carthage area in Texas and Elm Grove in Louisiana. Anadarko operated one rig in the haynesville shale and spud its 2nd horizontal well during the quarter.

Anadarko Petroleum ( APC ) 2010 UpdateHaynesville Shale: Drilling activity declined during the quarter as the company shifted its focus away to more liquids-rich areas. Anadarko ended the quarter with one non-operated rig.

Questar  STR -  Questar E&P has approximately 43,000 net acres of Haynesville Shale lease rights in northwest Louisiana. The depth of the top of the Haynesville Shale ranges from approximately 10,500 feet to 12,500 feet across Questar E&P's leasehold and is below the Hosston and Cotton Valley formations, a target of Questar E&P development drilling for over a decade. Questar E&P intends to drill or participate in up to 35 horizontal Haynesville Shale wells in 2009. As of September 30, 2009, Questar E&P had six operated rigs drilling in the project area and operated or had working interests in 598 producing wells in northwest Louisiana compared to 463 at September 30, 2008. Questar is also involved in the Cotton Valley Field.

SandRidge Energy  SD - Sandridge is active in the East Texas side of the Haynesville Shale -

East Texas/North Louisiana – Haynesville Shale Play: The company controls approximately 36,000 acres in the developing Haynesville shale play of East Texas and North Louisiana. About 22,500 acres of that total are in Rusk and Harrison Counties, Texas. The company drilled two vertical test wells within the Oakhill field area in Rusk County to evaluate the potential for Haynesville shale production. The initial well had a total of 260 feet of Haynesville shale thickness and tested at a rate of 1.5 MMcfe per day. The second well encountered 288 feet of shale thickness and is awaiting completion.

Plains Exploration PXP -  In the Haynesville Shale, third quarter 2010 average daily sales volumes were 129 million cubic feet equivalent (MMcfe) per day net to PXP, an approximate 22% increase over the 106 MMcfe net per day average rate for the second quarter of 2010. With interests in 45 active drilling rigs, production from this asset area is expected to exceed 135 MMcfe net per day in the fourth quarter 2010.

SM Energy SM - SM Energy recently completed two (2) horizontal wells in the Shelby trough acreage in East Texas targeting the Haynesville shale. Those wells had initial production rates of 10 MMCFE/d to 12 MMCFE/d on restricted chokes. The majority of our 2010 operated drilling is being funded by our Carry and Earning Agreement that we entered into earlier this year.

PetroQuest Energy PQ - In East Texas, the Company has reached total depth on its first non-operated horizontal Cotton Valley well (2,592 foot lateral) (WI-30%) and an operated vertical Travis Peak/Cotton Valley combination well (WI-26%). The Company expects to commence completion activities on the horizontal Cotton Valley well in approximately two weeks and the combination well during the first quarter of 2011. In addition, the Company recently spud its second horizontal Cotton Valley well (WI-26%) and expects to reach total depth by year-end.

Continental Resources CLR- Continental CLR is a new operator in the Haynesville Shale.  They currently have 17,000 acres in Louisiana but are not saying what parish they are in.  They will be drilling their first well in the fourth quarter.
Nabors Industries NBR - Nabors NBR supplies drilling rigs to Haynesville Shale companies/operators.  We have 32 rigs now working in the Haynesville Shale, compared to 20 at the beginning of the year, and we expect to have 40 or 50, probably closer to 50 by the end of the year. Also, we have kind of a unique advantage, if an operator needs a rig, and he really wants a built for purpose specialty design new build, and he needs a good rig right away, we can give him a rig to bridge the gap between his requirements right now and when he will get the new build which could be 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 months from now.
Encore Aquisition - EAC - Encore elected to exercise its preferential right to purchase the interest of its partners in its Greenwood Waskom/Stateline prospect for total consideration of $54 million subject to customary closing adjustments. The Company closed the acquisition July 15, 2008 and will immediately take over operations on five units currently producing from the Cotton Valley formation. Encore will also acquire the Haynesville rights in each of these units. Encore's average working interest and net revenue interest will be approximately 92 percent and 72 percent, respectively. This acquisition will add approximately 3,200 net acres to Encore's existing 12,800 net acres in the heart of the Haynesville play, giving Encore a total of 16,000 net acres. Encore also owns approximately 6,600 net acres in the rapidly expanding extensional area of the play for a total of 22,600 net acres in the Haynesville play. Encore is currently permitting locations and expects to add a rig to begin developing its acreage in the Haynesville play in late 2008.

Noble Energy NBL- One final item of note onshore in the US concerns our Shelby County, Texas acreage, where we brought in a partner on our Hainesville potential. Petrohawk has joined in our approximately 15,000 acre position and will operate the first four wells before we resume operatorship. This joint venture, with Noble retaining 60% working interest, represents an excellent opportunity to partner with one of the leading developers of the Hainesville Shale, and we look forward to working together to better understand this emerging resource. Our first well spud late May and we should have results in the third quarter. We are also participating in a 25% Hainesville well in the Caspiana Field in Louisiana with another operator.
Marathon Oil  MRO-  MRO is new to the Haynesville Shale -  Marathon has 25,000 acres in the Haynesville Shale in Louisiana and Texas and will start drilling in 2009.
Southwestern Energy  SWN - East Texas – Production from the company's East Texas properties was 26.9 Bcfe during the first nine months of 2010, compared to 24.6 Bcfe during the same period last year. Southwestern has participated in drilling 21 wells in East Texas during the first nine months of 2010, 11 of which were James Lime horizontal wells, 6 of which were Haynesville horizontal wells and 4 of which were Pettet horizontal oil wells. Initial production rates from James Lime wells that were placed on production during the third quarter averaged 8.0 MMcfe per day.

On June 30, 2010, Southwestern closed the previously announced sale of certain oil and gas leases, wells and gathering equipment held by the company in East Texas. Total net proceeds from the sale were $355.8 million. The sale included only the producing rights to the Haynesville and Middle Bossier Shale intervals in approximately 20,063 net acres. The company has retained the drilling and producing rights covering all other depths in the acreage, including the company's current James Lime and Pettet drilling programs. Approximately 2.1 Bcfe of company's 2010 production was related to its Haynesville and Middle Bossier properties which were sold in June.

Southwestern still has approximately 10,500 net acres with Haynesville and Middle Bossier Shale potential. The company has drilled three wells on this acreage (Hawthorne prospect), the Timberstar Blackstone A-1H well targeting the Haynesville Shale formation and the Harris B-1H and Crest C-1H wells targeting the Middle Bossier Shale formation. The Blackstone well was placed on production in August at an initial production rate of 13.2 MMcf per day. The Harris and Crest wells will be completed in the first quarter of 2011.

Comstock Resources CRKIn the East Texas/North Louisiana region, Comstock has drilled 55 wells (33.6 net) so far in 2010. Fifty-four of the wells are Haynesville or Bossier shale wells. As of November 1, 2010, twenty-four of the 54 Haynesville or Bossier shale wells drilled in 2010 have been completed and were put on production at an average per well initial production rate of 10.8 MMcfe per day. Comstock expects to complete fourteen operated Haynesville or Bossier shale wells in the fourth quarter.  In addition to its Haynesville shale horizontal drilling program, Comstock has drilled two vertical wells during 2010. Comstock successfully completed a Cotton Valley well in its Blocker field in East Texas

Crosstex Energy  XTXI -  Crosstex XTXI has been drilling in Haynesville Shale.  Prime locations in the Haynesville Shale included Harrison County, Texas for XTXI

El Paso  EP -  El Paso continues to drill in the Haynesville Shale - ( From Seeking Alpha ) - We have an update for our Cotton Valley horizontal and Haynesville programs in the Arklatex. El Paso Haynesville Shale Production -We started out below 10 million a day per well. And our most recent well, the Blake 10H produced over 20 million a day, after 10 stages of fracs in the lateral. We’ll probably keep two to four rigs running in the Arklatex that are capable of drilling these kind of wells, and we can drill somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to as many as 25 Haynesville wells this year in 2009.

Unit Corp UNT -  In the Haynesville Shale play in Shelby County, TX, Unit owns a 55% working interest in the Smith #1H which was recently completed flowing at rates of 3.5 MMcf per day with 5,800 pounds of flowing tubing pressure. The well is being curtailed due to current pipeline constraints which are expected to be resolved in September. The well was drilled with a lateral of 3,300’ and fracture stimulated with eight stages. Unit owns approximately 16,000 gross (11,000 net) acres in the prospect area and anticipates drilling two additional wells in 2010..

Denbury Resources  DNR -  With the announced sale of our Haynesville and East Texas assets and the sale of our Cleveland Sand assets, we have revised our annual 2010 estimated production excluding all asset sales to approximately 70,000 BOE per day, including approximately 8,600 BOE per day associated with ENPs production.

Our production for Q3, adjusted to exclude production associated with all asset divestitures, was approximately 71,824 BOE per day, including 8,630 BOE per day related to ENP.

We anticipate that our fourth quarter production excluding production associated with Haynesville and East Texas asset sale, which will not be included in our results until closing, will be about the same or slightly higher than our adjusted third quarter average.

Other Companies Drilling at Haynesville Shale:
Natco Group NTG
Superior Well Services SWSI

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