Lower Huron Shale - Huron Natural Gas Field - Huron Shale Map - Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky

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The Lower Huron Shale Formation

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What is the Huron Shale?  The Lower Huron Shale is a natural gas field located deep below the earth's surface in extreme southeast Ohio, West Virginia, and Northeast Kentucky. The Huron shale is a part of the Appalachin Basin which links to the Chattanooga Shale, Marcellus Shale, and the Utica Shale.  Geologists have known for a long time that the Huron Shale existed but extracting the natural gas from the Huron formation was very costly.  The surge in Natural Gas prices back in 2008 sparked a big interest in this West Virginia shale field and many companies have been leasing land from landowners for the right to explore and drill in the Huron Shale area.

The Lower Huron Shale has a wide range of thickness, ranging from 200 - 2,000 feet thick.  A company called Equitable Resources was first to really explore this shale deposit.  Equitable drills many of their wells in the Huron Shale with air, using one horizontal leg or multiple lateral horizontal legs.  Their multi stage fracturing techniques use firm sand or vapor at very high pressures.

Typically, Huron Shale wells cost around 1.1-1.2 million dollars for a 3,400 foot lateral well.  This includes up to nine stages of fracturing.

Weak natural gas prices have effected the amount of wells drilled in the Huron Formation.  This natural gas field is here to stay but until natural gas prices surge again, the huron gas field will remain quiet and unexplored.

Exco Resources ( XCO ) Huron Shale Map
Huron Shale Map
Exco Resources ( XCO ) Huron Shale Map
Source - Exco Resources ( XCO )

Below are companies drilling in the Huron Shale - Lower Huron Shale company stocks

Equitable Resources  EQT - EQT Corp Huron Shale Update - The company drilled (spud) 61 gross horizontal wells during the second quarter 2011; 33 targeting the Huron play with an average length of pay of 5,160 feet; and 28 targeting the Marcellus play with an average length of pay of 5,035 feet. The company drilled 112 gross horizontal wells during the first six months of 2011; 61 targeting the Huron play and 51 targeting the Marcellus play.

Range Resources  RRCRange Resources RRC recently provided an update on the Huron Shale located in Virginia - The Southern Appalachia Division continued development of multi-pay horizons on its 350,000 (235,000 net) acre position in Virginia during the first quarter of 2012. The division had one drilling rig and two completion rigs running in the quarter. The division placed on line 16 wells including four tight-gas sand, eight coalbed methane and four horizontal Huron Shale wells. The division also performed cleanouts on five horizontal wells in the field resulting in doubling the wells' production.

CNX Gas  CXG -  Huron Shale: In the Huron Shale during the third quarter, CNX Gas drilled one additional horizontal well in eastern Kentucky. A total of two Huron wells have been drilled in 2008. The rig performing this drilling has returned to Tennessee to drill Chattanooga Shale wells for the remainder of the year. CNX Gas is building out gathering and compression in this area, with an expected in-service date of March 2009.  CNX Gas has 198,000 net acres in the Huron Shale.

Chesapeake Energy  CHK -  Cheasapeake announces it is drilling in the Huron Shale -  Marcellus and Lower Huron Shales (Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York): Chesapeake owns a leasehold position of 1.6 million net acres in the Marcellus and Lower Huron Shale plays. The company has drilled 26 vertical and horizontal Marcellus and Lower Huron Shale wells to date and plans to drill approximately 165 vertical and horizontal Marcellus and Lower Huron Shale wells in 2008 and 2009.

Continental Resources  CLR -  CLR is drilling in the Huron Shale formation -  Continental is currently drilling the first of four wells planned to test the Rhinestreet and Lower Huron shales in Gallia County, OH.

Exco Resources  XCO -  Exco XCO is a nice acreage position in the Huron Natural Gas Field - ( From Seeking Alpha )  Huron. We have about 76% of our 120,000 net acres in Huron shale in West Virginia that's held by production, not a strong point for us. Moving forward with our plans on drilling some horizontal wells in Huron and we believe that this area holds at least 1 to 2 TCF of potential reserves. Update - Exco has spud 9 wells so far and plans to drill 4 more huron shale wells for 2008.  Exco has completed five wells so far.

Penn Virginia PVA - Penn Virginia is an operator drilling in the Huron Shale - During the third quarter, PVA drilled eight (5.0 net) wells in Appalachia, including five (2.5 net) multi-lateral HCBM development wells and three (2.5 net) Lower Huron Shale exploratory wells. All of the HCBM wells were successful, with one of the Lower Huron Shale wells drilled in Mason County, West Virginia having been completed and under evaluation and the other two Lower Huron Shale wells waiting on completion.

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