Mineral Rights: Haynesville Shale, Marcellus Shale, Bakken Shale, Fayetteville Shale, ect

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Mineral Rights:  What are Mineral Rights?

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Mineral Rights, Drilling Rights, Mining rights, are the right to remove a resource from under the ground ( Oil, Water, Natural Gas ).  This legal contract is between the owner of the land and the company that intends remove this resource.  This type of legal contract is common in the Haynesville Shale - Huron Shale -Marcellus Shale -  Horn River Shale - Bakken Oil Shale - Fayetteville Shale - Woodford ShaleBarnett Shale - Chattanooga Shale - Utica Shale - Montney Shale - Eagleford Shale - as companies scramble to lease land in these valuable shale plays. 

An example of a Mineral Rights agreement would be as follows:  I have a house in De Soto Parish in Northwest Louisiana.  This house is located in the Haynesville Shale natural gas field.  I called Chesapeake Energy about my property since I have about 60 acres.  I do not want to sell my house and move, but I would like to sell the rights to whatever resource is under the land that I own.  Chesapeake and I sign an agreement in which I have keep ownership of my property and house ( Surface Rights ) and they have the right to explore & extract on my property for the resource itself for a set amount of time ( whatever you agree on ).  Just keep in mind, it can take awhile for this company to actually start drilling for the resource.  These companies must file for permits to drill, hire workers, and establish a plan of action.

Mineral Rights Tips:  Do you own land on top of a potential resource play?  Shop around!  Research your area as much as possible.  There are many companies out there to work with.  Take the time to figure out what these different companies are paying for mineral rights.  Use a mineral rights broker.  There are many professional services dealers out there that have researched your area closely.  They know what companies are paying for mineral rights and in what areas landowners are getting the most per acre.  Hire a lawyer to look over the drilling rights contract before you sign.  A hundred dollars could prevent you from signing a faulty contract!

Also keep in mind when negotiating that speculators might attempt to buy the drilling rights from you as an investment.  These speculators will sit on this contract and if it goes up in value, they will sell the contract to another company.  You will not get any of the profit that they sold it for.  Just keep this in mind when you are about to sign and which company you are signing with.