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Woodford Shale - Oil & Natural Gas Field - Arkoma Basin Oklahoma

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What is the Woodford Shale Formation?  The Woodford Shale Natural Gas Field ( Oklahoma Shale ) is located in Southeastern Oklahoma.  To many oil and gas companies, the Woodford Shale field holds a promising source of Natural Gas.  This Natural Gas is trapped in the shale rock thousands of feet below the ground.  Companies first drill vertical wells, and then drill horizontally with fracturing techniques which involves fracturing  the shale rock deposits with high pressured water.  This then releases the trapped gas.  The Woodford Shale play is the result of what has happened in the Barnett Shale find for the past 20 years.  Companies have gained a vast amount of their experience drilling wells in Barnett and can use this experience along with new technologies when they drill in the Woodford Shale Gas Field.

Over 1,500 wells have already been drilled with many more to come.  The sweet spots located in the Woodford Shale are McIntosh County to Hughes, Coal, Pittsburg and Atoka counties.  Companies are leasing land in order to explore natural gas.  In addition, these landholders often get up to 15% royalties on the Natural Gas found in the Woodford Shale.  Fresh news in 2009, Marathon Oil has announced they are drilling in Canadian County, OK.

Back to Horizontal Drilling.  Many years ago companies wouldn't be drilling this Woodford shale because of old technology's and the price of natural gas was low.  Now it makes economic sense.  Although Horizontal wells at Woodford Shale cost alot more then vertical wells, soaring natural gas prices have made these shale plays a gold mine.  Its a huge frenzy similar to the gold rush.  People are becoming millionaires just for leasing their land to natural gas companies!

Geologists have know about woodford shale for a long time but companies have only started exploring it ten years ago.  Drilling only started several years ago.  This has boosted the average salary of the citizens from 26,000 to near 35,000-40,000 per year in McAlester.  Some say if you drive through Atoka, Coalgate, and McAlester, they are totally transformed.  Great wealth is being created every year.

While Devon Energy drilled the first well back in 2005, many companies have taken over the Woodford Shale in hopes to strike in big.  Estimates are coming in that the Woodford Shale holds around 4 trillion cubic feet of Natural Gas.  The Woodford Shale Gas Field is not the only hot shale play out there...check out these other shale plays.  Haynesville Shale -  Marcellus Shale -  Horn River Shale - Bakken Oil Shale - Fayetteville Shale - Brazil Oil Field - Barnett Shale - Chattanooga Shale - Utica Shale

Cana-Woodford Shale - The Cana Woodford Shale is located in Western Oklahoma.  This area has become a rather nice oil play with many companies below striking oil in their acreage.  While the Cana Woodford Shale is mostly liquids rich in oil, natural gas is found there as well.  In Eastern Oklahoma we have the Woodford Shale, in Western Oklahoma we have the Cana-Woodford.  More to come on the Cana Woodford Shale very soon.....

Woodford Shale Facts

State - Oklahoma
Thickness - 120-220 feet
Depth - 6,000-12,000 feet
Geologic Age - Mississippian
Reservoir Pressure -  3,000-5,000 psi
Basin - Arkoma, Anadarko
Cost to Drill Well - 2-3 million

Woodfood Shale Map - Oklahoma

Crimson Exploration (CXPO) - Woodbine Horizontal Oil Redevelopment – Madison County, Texas

In Madison and Grimes counties, TX, Crimson is actively pursuing a drilling program on our 17,500 net acre position that is prospective for the Woodbine, Lewisville and Georgetown formations, among others. The Mosley #1H (88.8% WI), our first horizontal well targeting the Woodbine formation, began flowback operations on Friday, March 9th. Initial rates have been very positive as we clean the well up on a smaller choke. We expect to bring the well up to full rate over the next few weeks and will report results at that time. The well was drilled to a total measured depth of 15,650 feet, including a 6,300 foot lateral, and was completed using 23 stages of fracture stimulation.

At present, we are also drilling two additional horizontal wells in Madison County. Approximately 1 mile north of the Mosley #1H, the Grace Hall #1H (87% WI), targeting the Woodbine formation, is drilling at 8,900 feet, toward a total measured depth of 16,230 feet. The Vick Trust #1H (75% WI), is located approximately 6 miles east of the Mosley #1H and will also target the Woodbine formation. This well is currently drilling at 5,229 feet toward a total measured depth of 15,200 feet. Lateral lengths in both wells will range between 6,000 – 7,000 feet with 20 – 25 stages of fracture stimulation. Production from these wells is expected to commence mid-second quarter.

Allan D. Keel, President and Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We are very encouraged by the initial results of the Mosley well and look forward to sharing results upon finalizing flowback operations. Initial production appears to be in-line with results area operators have experienced and we expect the Woodbine to provide the oil growth necessary to achieve 50% liquids production.”

Shale News

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Woodford Shale Stocks - Companies Drilling Woodford Shale & Cana Woodford Shale

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Continental Resources  CLR - Continental Resources (CLR) is active in the Woodford Shale  -  Woodford Shale Play (Oklahoma)

Highlighting the Company's Anadarko Woodford operations in the first quarter was the completion of the Tom's 1-21XH (84% WI) in Blaine County in January 2012. The Tom's 1-21XH was the first multiple-unit spaced well drilled in Oklahoma, and its horizontal section was twice the length of previous Anadarko Woodford wells drilled in the play. The Tom's 1-21XH flowed 1,270 Boepd (76% oil) in its initial one-day test period.

Continental expects longer laterals in the Anadarko Woodford will have a significant, positive impact on well productivity and economics. It is currently completing its second multiple-unit well.

Overall, Continental participated in completing 21 gross wells in the Anadarko Woodford in the first quarter of 2012. In terms of operated wells, Continental completed 12 gross (9 net) wells in the quarter. Initial one-day test production rates for Company-operated wells in the Anadarko Woodford averaged approximately 728 Boepd.

Continental currently has eight operated rigs in the Southeast Cana section of the Anadarko Woodford and two in the Northwest Cana, all of which are focused on crude oil and liquids-rich areas.

In the Arkoma Woodford of Oklahoma, the Company's production was 3,637 Boepd in the first quarter of 2012, compared with 4,065 Boepd in the first quarter of 2011. Continental has suspended drilling in the Arkoma Woodford due to the low price for dry gas.

At March 31, 2012, the Company had 280,610 net acres leased in the Anadarko Woodford and 36,729 in the Arkoma Woodford.

Exxon Mobile (XOM) - Exxon Mobile (XOM) Woodford Shale Update - We continue to increase our lease holdings in emerging liquids-rich plays, like the Woodford Ardmore. Our acreage position in the Woodford Ardmore play tripled in 2011 to more than 170,000 acres, with acquisition costs on a per-acre basis roughly 50% below major industry acquisitions in the Eagle Ford play.

Devon Energy DVN -  Devon Energy (DVN) has interests in the Cana-Woodford Shale - Moving now to the Cana-Woodford Shale in Western Oklahoma. Our Cana gas plant was back fully operational in December, following repairs of the damage incurred last May from a tornado. This helped us achieve our target exit rate for the Cana of 275 million cubic feet equivalent per day. Fourth quarter net production increased 83% over the year-ago quarter to a record 250 million cubic feet of gas equivalent per day, including 3,100 barrels of oil and 7,400 barrels of natural gas liquids per day. This significant liquids contribution, combined with our low acreage and royalty costs, enable us to generate strong full-cycle returns in the current commodity price environment.

In 2012, we plan to invest some $870 million of capital and drill nearly 200 wells in Cana. Our Cana activity will be focused in the oil and natural gas liquids-rich portion of the core area. Liquids should represent almost 40% of the production stream generated by the 2012 capital program. Cana oil and liquids production is expected to grow over 85% to an average of 16,000 barrels per day in 2012.

From a reserves performance perspective, Cana was a leading growth area for the company in 2011. Extensions, discoveries and performance revisions at Cana accounted for 160 million barrels of oil equivalent of additions. At year end, we had 328 million equivalent barrels booked in the Cana-Woodford. With almost 2 billion barrels equivalent of risked resource potential and more than 5,000 risked locations remaining, we expect Cana to deliver many more years of highly economic production and reserves growth.

Update - The company’s Cana-Woodford Shale production averaged a record 271 million cubic feet of natural gas equivalent per day in the first quarter of 2012. Liquids production averaged 13,000 barrels per day, an 80 percent year-over-year increase.

- Penn Virginia PVA
- PVA announces that it has established a position in the Woodford Shale ( Caney ).  In the third quarter of 2008, we participated in three (0.5 net) non-operated horizontal Woodford Shale wells in the Arkoma Basin, producing at initial rates of approximately 3.6, 4.6 and 2.7 MMcfe per day (working interests of 11, 31 and 13 percent, respectively). Based on the encouraging results of the five Woodford Shale wells in which we have participated to date, we plan to continue to participate in the drilling of additional wells in the near term in the Arkoma Basin. Our internally generated Woodford Shale prospect in the Anadarko Basin will be tested during the fourth quarter of 2008.  Update:  One (1.0 net) Woodford Shale well is under evaluation and all of the remaining wells were successfully drilled and completed. Production in the first quarter averaged 31.7 MMcfe per day, 98 percent higher than the 16.1 MMcfe per day produced in the first quarter of 2008 and flat compared to the 31.8 MMcfe per day produced in the fourth quarter of 2008.

- PetroQuest Energy PQ - PetroQuest Energy PQ Woodford Shale Update - The Company recently commenced production from 11 additional operated Woodford wells (average NRI – 23%). This group of wells had an average lateral length of 4,991 feet and achieved an average maximum 24 hour gross rate of 5,285 Mcf per day. In addition, the Company is currently completing six liquids rich Woodford wells and expects to complete an additional three liquids rich Woodford wells on the western section of its leasehold position during the second quarter. The Company's mid-stream partner recently completed its 21 mile pipeline to connect the liquids rich area of the Woodford trend to its processing facilities. As a result, the Company is currently processing its liquids rich Woodford natural gas and capturing an approximate $2.00-$3.00 uplift to the present natural gas price. The Company now expects to drill 25-30 liquids rich Woodford wells during 2012 versus its original plan of 20- 25 wells.

- SM Energy SMIn the Woodford shale, the Company is finishing the drilling of four (4) wells that are scheduled for simul-frac completion in December 2010. The activity in this program is focused in the rich gas window of the play, which is located in the central part of our acreage position.

- Quicksilver Resources KWK-  Quicksilver KWK is exploring the Woodford and Barnett Shales: The company is beginning to test the Woodford formation out in our Delaware Basin project in West Texas. We will be drilling several more wells in the next few months. Our plan is to commingle the Woodford with the overlying Barnett. The team will also evaluate additional formations up the hole. And we'll talk about these results as we've said before, probably by year-end.
- Questar  STR-  Questar STR is active in the Woodford Shale Play.   And we're also pleased with early results in the emerging Anadarko Woodford shale play in Canadian and Blaine Counties in Western Oklahoma. With our revised capital program, we plan to drill or participate in 20 Woodford shale wells in '09.

- Cimarex Energy  XEC - Cimarex Energy (XEC) Cana-Woodford Shale -  In the first quarter of 2012 Cimarex drilled and completed 33 gross (12 net) Mid-Content wells. At quarter-end, 39 gross (18 net) wells were awaiting completion. Mid-Continent production averaged 313.9 MMcfe/d for the first quarter of 2012, an 18% increase over first-quarter 2011 average of 266.0 MMcfe/d.

For the first-quarter, essentially all the drilling activity was in the Anadarko Basin, Cana-Woodford shale play, where Cimarex drilled and completed 24 gross (11 net) wells. At March 31, 2012 there were 39 gross (18 net) Cana wells being completed or awaiting completion.

At year-end 2011 there were 13 gross (4.9 net) wells waiting on completion in Cana. The increase in wells waiting on completion as compared to year-end is a result of commencing of infill development drilling in 2012.

Since the Cana play began in late 2007, Cimarex has participated in 366 gross (135 net) wells. First-quarter 2012 net production from Cana-Woodford averaged 161.3 MMcfe/d, a 56% increase versus the first-quarter 2011 average of 103.5 MMcfe/d.

- Marathon Oil  MRO - Marathon Oil (MRO) Woodford Shale -  ANADARKO WOODFORD: The Company averaged 5,000 net boed during the first quarter compared to 3,000 net boed in the previous quarter. Marathon Oil has six drilling rigs working in the Anadarko Woodford play in Oklahoma. Performance is being driven by continued strong results in the Cana core area, and additional Company-operated activity on the Knox acreage position. This year, the Company has completed three wells in the Knox area of the play with 24-hour IP rates ranging from 800 to 1,700 boed. The K.Richards well tested at 1,700 boed and was approximately 50 percent liquids. The Company is planning to begin an 80-acre infill project in the Knox area in May.

Newfield Exploration NFX - Newfield Exploration NFX  Woodford Shale - Woodford Shale – Current net production in the Arkoma Woodford is approximately 180 MMcfe/d. The Company does not plan to drill any additional wells in the Arkoma Woodford in 2012.

Cana Woodford – Newfield has shifted drilling activities from the Granite Wash and Arkoma Woodford to its new efforts in the oil and "liquids rich" Cana Woodford, located in the Anadarko Basin. The Company has a 125,000 net-acre lease position in the play and is running five operated rigs to assess the acreage with plans to increase to as many as seven rigs in late 2012. Results-to-date are in line with assessment expectations and the Company plans to provide an update on the initial drilling program around mid-year 2012.

Evolution Petroleum  EPM - EPM is active in the Woodford Shale - We began actively acquiring leases in these two projects in May 2007.  At September 30, 2008, we had acquired approximately 18,000 net acres across the two projects. The northern project targets the Woodford Shale at a depth of approximately 1500’ and has been offset by more than 50 wells drilled to the Woodford by another operator. The southern project targets the Woodford Shale at depths from 4000’ to 5000’ and has been offset by at least one producing Woodford Shale well at an initial rate of approximately 1 MMCFD.

Cana Woodford – Newfield’s drilling efforts have shifted from the Arkoma Woodford to the oil and “liquids rich” Cana Woodford, located in the Anadarko Basin. The Company assembled a 125,000 net-acre lease position as a southeast extension of this play in 2011. The Company plans to operate up to seven rigs in 2012 to assess this new acreage.

Unit Corp - UNT - Unit (UNT) Woodford Shale - On July 28, 2011, Unit acquired certain producing oil and gas properties for $30.5 million in cash, subject to closing adjustments, from an unaffiliated seller. Included in the acquisition were more than 500 wells located principally in the Oklahoma Arkoma Woodford and Hartshorne Coal plays along with other properties located throughout Oklahoma and Texas. The proved reserves associated with the acquisition are approximately 31.2 Bcfe (99% natural gas), 83% of which is proved developed. The acquisition also included approximately 55,000 net acres of which 96% is held by production.

Panhandle Oil & Gas  PHX - During the most recent quarter, Panhandle participated with a 7.9% Net Revenue Interest (NRI) in a Southeastern Oklahoma Woodford Shale well, which was producing 12,500 Mcf per day after being on sales for 15 days. As of April 30th, 2010 we have nine working interest wells drilling or completing in our three major shale plays, and there are another 29 working interest wells, which we have approved to drill.

"We anticipate that the first well in our Joiner City prospect in Southern Oklahoma will begin drilling this summer. Panhandle will have an average NRI of 7% in this prospect, which will test a liquids-rich area of the Woodford Shale. If successful, this test has the potential to add an additional shale resource play to the Company's portfolio.

"We have also entered into an agreement to explore for and develop high potential oil prospects utilizing 36 square miles of modern, high quality 3-D seismic in Oklahoma.  The project utilizes existing 3-D seismic; therefore the Company's cost of entry into the venture was very low.  Panhandle will have a 50% interest in this project, and we anticipate that our first well will spud during this fiscal year.  This new area is an exploration prospect for Panhandle, but, given the seismic data we have evaluated to date, we believe this project could develop into an exciting Mid-Continent vertical oil play"

Range Resources RRC - Range Resources RRC recently started drilling the Woodford Shale and the Cana Shale - In the Woodford play of the Ardmore Basin, three wells were connected to sales during the quarter at combined rates of 2,738 gross (1,307 net) boe per day. Activity by other companies in the Cana Woodford is further de-risking our held by production leasehold position of 42,000 net acres in the play. Range has participated in three non-operated wells in the Cana during the year.

Leasing activity expanded during the quarter in the Mississippian horizontal play of northern Oklahoma. Having started the year with 15,000 net acres, Range's position has increased to 105,000 net acres. Reserve projections are estimated in the range of 400-500 Mboe per well for approximately 2,000 foot laterals at depths of 5,000 feet. These potential reserves generate attractive finding and development costs, along with strong rates of return in this liquids-rich play. Range's production from the Mississippi horizontal area continues to hold at 3,400 gross (2,709 net) boe per day. With its larger acreage position, Range is targeting a two rig drilling program in 2012 and is currently focused on adding the necessary infrastructure to facilitate future development.